Dan Lam

Dan was born in Manila, Philippines. Her family immigrated from Vietnam to Houston, TX. She was raised in Texas where she received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 2010. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in 2014 from Arizona State University.

Dan works with ideas of beauty vs repulsion, chance vs control, and organic vs inorganic. Through these varying, seemingly opposing forces, she create Drips, Squishes, Blobs, sculptures that take on a life of their own.

Pairing bright and engaging colors with grotesque forms, my work strives to exist “in between”.  While the ideas drive the work, much of the decision making is found in the process and materials. Embracing the chaos of the materials and allow them to help dictate where a piece goes. Dan is currently most interested in viewer experience and how the tactile and unusual nature of the work engages people to touch/interact.