Call it an escape from reality, but with my work I attempt to recreate or retell a story someone else started. It is a reinterpretation of what was and I bring it back with another version of itself. Identities shift, truths are molded and narratives translated. Moments which have passed come back to life deformed, morphed and mutated.

I made my childhood obsession of looking at photographs into my work and created a world of my own by cutting them up.

The collages are a sometimes contorted visual spectacle of a fragmented world, a borderless universe where everything goes and nothing is real. I will cut up some of the most beautiful of women’s faces and give them a different story, never robbing them of their beauty. I want to take subjects out of their context, turn them into something else and change character, as the stone-throwing rioters during Egypt’s Revolution who become dancers performing in the theater of our minds.