Emile Gostelie

Emile Gostelie (1957, Amsterdam) investigates the reality that lies beyond our perception. He calls himself an artistic researcher who couples inspiration from science with the artistic freedom to explore the unseen.

He works mostly with photography and is mainly focused on a long-term project to discover the full potential of one photo of a haystack. Through deconstruction, assembly, and manipulation he tries to discover meanings this one photo contains but does not show. As part of this process he questions the value of reality as we perceive it, explores our hunger for understanding and purpose, the role of imagination and play and his personal obsession with discovering.

During the process I experience the magic of discovery, of adventure.

Of seeing “nature” at work.

Gostelie’s research is based on Boltzmann’s theory, which states that atoms continuously move in a random manner, forming various micro configurations. Gostelie’s artistic process also begins with the singularity of elements, such as the atoms composing our reality.