The best storytelling uses mystery to it’s advantage. And the best storytellers, rather than simply tell the story, write in a way that visually shows the story, painting the scene in the reader’s imagination. Jan Pypers captures dark moments at an exact time and place in the unknown.

Poetic nightlife sceneries is what Jan Pypers has been working on for the past four years off and on. Becoming his most recent serie called: Nightgardeners, a elegant realsitic story, where he uses cinematic effects, like buildid miniature sets, to control everything in his ominius stage. He chooses to stage all subjects that decide to live at night and do some things they are not supposed to do at this time of day. Jan offers us a visual metaphor showing loneliness, the alienation of society, happiness and dreams and especially the loss of our relationship with nature. All his artworks are so peculiar and perfectly executed.