Just a



between us

Carletta portrays the transition from girl to young woman.

In her own characteristic way, Capturing these special moments of coming-of-age we all have been through.

Lisa Carletta born in 1982, lives and works in Milan.

The series ‘Just a few clouds between’ us is an autobiographical story, a continuation of the Mini Me series Lisa started working on in 2012.

The characters in Carletta’s work are defined by their surroundings. Carletta’s works are highly staged, with a decor filled with numerous objects and accessories that together form the setting in which the story takes place.
Inspired by the unrealistic lighting, to create a totally articifial reality, in Suspiria, a horror movie from 1977, directed by Dario Argento. Lisa tries to create the same feeling in her series, by play with real fears we have. In her desire to express her vivid fantasy, Carletta uses photography to convert her stories into images. With the use of color, light, characters and symbols, Carletta creates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems.
Just as few clouds is about new beginnings, new steps of life.

The impassiveness of the models is amplified by their matching looks:

The red short hair and big eyes represent the appearance of the artist herself.

Carletta’s attention for detail and aesthetics provide for works that are dreamlike and nostalgic.

Recurring themes in Carletta’s work are taken from her personal life, in which good and bad memories from her own life take a central role. Characters in Carletta’s work often symbolize her own alter-ego’s, each resembling a part of Carletta’s personality. In doing so, Carletta creates images that are whimsical and colorful, but at the same time show insecurities and anxieties.





In this series Lisa tried to lay herself bare. She shows her fears,  habits, all these little obsessions that define who she is.  As an anxious person, as many people working in the same field as Lisa does, many of these anxieties go back to her childhood.

“It is from this that I found interesting and evident to represent me as the child who are still in me. “