Marie Pop

Marie Pop is the pseudonym for the collaboration between Anique Weve and Inge Aanstoot, whose artwork is a combination of photography and painting.


In the exhibition: The Opulent temple of the Lost paradise they reflect and respond in image and performance to the Covid-19 lockdown period: How do people deal with common rituals and social gatherings, such as greeting, saying goodbye and celebrations?

Their mutual art takes place against a background of duality with which Marie Pop has been involved for some time: two individual artists who also want to be one entity together.

A field of tension is continuously created within which a balance is then sought. On the one hand, there are many interfaces: in image, subject and concept, such as the interest in (self) portraits, symbolism, surrealism, absurdism and black humor. On the other hand, there are differences: Weve’s photography is characterized by simplicity, while Aanstoots’s painting focus more on abundance.

The question that comes to mind, while looking at the art of Marie Pop, where does photography end and where does painting begin? Is this a new, autonomous medium, and what does this combination add to the art?

These thoughts are a driving force that continues to emerge in the development of Marie Pop. They themselves often refer to “each other’s” medium; Anique’s photos refer to painting, and Inge uses photography as input for her paintings. The result is an extraordinarily special collection of works of art that could only be created from this collaboration.