What does the object want?

Petra Laaper zooms in with her sculptures on the sensory experience where meaning is still undecided and open to interpretation.
Her work manifests as a body in space, an attribute for an action, an object to pick up, hold up and try.

She shows simple shapes that are recognizable but do not have a specific function and raise a question about their intention.
Giving her works a portrayal of her ongoing observation of the body in space and the relational ability of objects.

Petra Laaper is a visual artist who lives and works in Rotterdam.

Graduated from the WDKA in Rotterdam in Sculpture/visual arts. She makes objects, installations, photographs and stop motion films. Also she studied Interior design at the HKU in Utrecht and improved her knowledge in the field of ceramics at the European Ceramic Workcentre in Den Bosch.

She exhibits her work nationally and internationally and creates various assignments for semi-public space.