Since Sebastiaan Straatsma (1972, Dokkum, the Netherlands) started making, playing with existing forms, function and context has been central to his work. Archetypes and objects with historical and emotional value fascinate him. In 2006, vases became Straatsma’s subject of research. Fascinated by classic archetypical ceramic vases, he started challenging the recognisability of their function, material and history. This lead to the ever-growing series of unique and handmade ‘Dustcollector’ vases, made from (brightly) coloured epoxy resin.

He re-uses and re-interprets these into new objects and products. He makes small adjustments to them, changes, abuses and replaces their material, form and status. By doing so, he provokes our common perception of objects and articles of use.

The ‘Dustcollector’ series resulted in an open form, a skin, not pretending to be functional at all, eye candy, while at the same time still referring to the emotional value of the well-known classical archetypes..The ‘Dustcollector’ vases distinguish themselves not only through their contemporary symbolism, but also through their detailed handwork and the specific method of production developed by Straatsma.