Studio Sodalime

 ~ Le Dichroic Collection

Dichroic glass, a mesmerizing medium renowned for its kaleidoscopic interplay with light, finds its niche at the crossroads of precision and artistry, particularly within the realms of camera optics and lighting embellishments. Crafted through an ingenious and fully automated immersion alchemy, this glass variant dances with hues in a choreography of interference, harmonizing the ethereal and the structured.

Energized by its visual opulence, the visionary duo behind the concept endeavors to fashion an entirely fresh stage for dichroic glass’s splendor, christening their creation “Dichroic Odyssey.” In this carefully curated ensemble, the intrinsic qualities of the material unfurl like petals, inviting connoisseurs to an odyssey of chromatic exploration.

For those who seek not only to witness but to grasp the enigma of this optical phenomenon, the invitation is poetic: Engage with the artifact through movement. With each twist and turn, a new spectrum unfurls, a personal palette reborn.

Step into this interactive ballet, where perception is both canvas and choreographer, and let the hues inspire a dance of your own understanding.