Tessa Koot lives and works in Eindhoven, she studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and has since 2009 been developing her studio, currently based at Sectie-C in Eindhoven. She teaches Furniture Design at KABK The Hague.

With a penchant for both the everyday and the fantastic, her work produces a mutation between these two opposites.

Koot’s work is on the borderline between autonomous art and free design.
The contemporary designer Tessa Koot shows the ‘in-between collection of collections’ consisting of furniture, objects d’árt, ready-mades and one-offs.
Her artworks feature a collection in the making, unfolding the nitty gritty evolution of her design practice.
Always on the lookout for new interpretations of objects she finds, both in real life and the digital space, Koot collects images and 3d models in the biggest thrift store of all…the internet.

Koot sees no difference between the digital and physical. When it comes to redefining the (used) objects, found footage and digital imagery, she seamlessly stretches the boundaries by juxtaposing existing constraints between form and functionality. When stripped off from their original purpose and context, her findings become a resource for new meaning and interpretation in quirky ways; a pool noodle is turned into a chair leg, a plastic banana becomes a doorknob. Blurring the lines between these worlds, Koot is continuously mixing and matching old fashioned-techniques and analog crafts with the possibilities of digital tools, exploring the potentials of modern technology in her design practice.