Behind the Day
— Lars van den Brink


Exhibition until the 21st of November

For the standard opening hours, there is a max of 4 persons allowed in the gallery.
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Covid-19 + visiting the gallery

Due to the current situation with covid-19, we will make sure to provide a safe environment for you.  If you want to visit during our regular opening days don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment, but feel free to come by as well.

Behind the day is set in the Alps and depicts the present time, a period in which fixed values ​​end up on quicksand and start to shift.

It shows how our view of themes such as the environment, democracy and fellow human beings has changed at a rapid pace over the last decade.

Lars van den Brink uses man as a symbol for willpower, hope and inspiration.

For this series, Lars travelled for over two years through the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. He slept in mountain huts or in a tent and often photographed from the exact same location for about fourteen hours.

During those sessions, he saw the moon and stars give way to the sun, and the change in colour of the light and the landscape. With his camera, he captured people and events in order to later build up his story and create Behind the Day.

The end result is a filtering and compression of compounded time; images that refer to classical romantic painting, but also to the contemporary landscapes used in games.

The series of works depict an in-between land in which man must find his way, with an ode to nature in the background that compels us to modesty.