W R A P P I N G   N O T H I N G


By Elsemarijn Bruys

– opens September 4th







— 04.09.2022 – 16.10-2022

in presence of the artist: Elsemarijn Bruys
Together with  Art Central Rotterdam.

from 14.00 -18.00

Make love not war, the power of the flower



Not war

_the power of the flower

Margriet Smulders

26 May – 16 July
FINISSAGE Saturday 16 July at 13.00

Still-life by Margriet Smulders (Bussum 1955) is characterised by a sumptuous visual language. She finds inspiration in the Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century, in the painters of the Flemish Baroque, in eighteenth-century Italian and German ceiling paintings, in Greek mythology, literature, poetry, contemporary society and herself.

Her photos are close to the tradition of the Dutch still-life because of her dedication to material expression and her use of symbolism. In addition, her work refers to the colourful and limitless Baroque and Rococo ceiling paintings. While Smulders’ photos are now represented worldwide in numerous museums, company collections and private collections, they are created in the privacy of her studio:

“In my studio, there is a mirrored container into which I pour water, sometimes mixed with milk or ink or beet juice. I drape pieces of cloth and branches above my mirrored container and in the water I put feathers, winding glassware and blooming flowers from our flower garden. I take the photo diagonally from above so that I can see the composition reflected in the mirror below the rippling water surface.”

text: Karin van Lieverloo

Spring Exhibition

in 2022

Margriet Smulders

Contour Gallery’s latest exhibition highlights the well-known Dutch female artist Margriet Smulders, who has been working for over 25 years in art and has  a deep fascination with the changeability of nature and femininity.

Her photography is reminiscent of eighteenth-century ceiling paintings that offer a glimpse into eternity. With flowers, fruit, shells and water – the fruits of nature – Smulders creates sumptuous paradises.

In her layered still lifes, Margriet bends nature to her will in an attempt to order the chaos. She invites us to indulge in an abundance of colours and shapes.


On the Land an oak will grow

Henry Woide
Vanessa Fairfax – Woods

On the land an oak will grow
a solo show

Show opens 01.04.2022 at 17.00
and runs till 29.04.2022


There is room for fluid worlds, free of time, and linear narrative. Woide and Fairfax-Woods give viewers the opportunity to reflect on the modern age in which we live.

The works of Woide and Fairfax-Woods seduce, oppress, and enchant. The imaginary worlds beg to be discovered by the beholder.

Inspired by old English folklore, the artists create their own modern myths and legends. They make visual stories, approached from a sense of humor, darkness, and ethereal beauty. 

Gods, effigies, and creatures that live in the forests. They are all part of the mysterious dualistic worlds created in:  On The Land An Oak Will Grow.

Henry Woide and Vanessa Fairfax-Woods are a photographic duo who met whilst studying at Falmouth University for their Masters in Photography.

Coming from different artistic backgrounds (Henry in landscape and architectural photography and Vanessa in conceptual and performative work) they find an unusual balance of ethereal beauty and absurdity. They create surreal worlds and characters that have a familiarity we can’t quite put our finger on. This sense of uncanny draws the viewer into their imagery.


Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam


Open : Thu / Fri / Sat  12.00 – 17.00
Wednesday & Sunday by appointment only

Kunstrai / Art Amsterdam

Contour Gallery is very excited to present the first artfair presentation in a solo booth with sculptures by the talented Dutch artist Elsemarijn Bruys (’89)

Elsemarijn work is on the boundary of art, design and perhaps even fashion. With these spatial works, she plays with reflection, perception and esthetics.  They invite to discover, that is what art for me is all about


Contour Gallery invites you,

to explore the border area between reality, dreams and their malleability in SWIM, a solo exhibition by Jan Pypers 

 Nature in model 
The misty meadow, the returning fox, some coloured chalk in the damp grass, and Mother a little further away, busy in the garden. The decor in Pypers’ sculptures is a place where nature and people interact: where figures are in the woods, surrounded by water, or accompanied by an animal. The relationship between man and nature plays a major role in this work. It is surprising, but these forests, waters, animals, and the cinematic image in which they appear in reality show a scale model carefully built by the artist, which he provides with digital post-processing. 

Within the desolate silence of Pypers’ compositions, there is space for questioning, memory and your own imagination. Is something about to happen? Logic is missing before our voyeurism sets in.

The work of Jan Pypers (1982) moves between fiction and reality. Although he was trained as a film producer, Pypers mainly realizes photographs that capture his models made of stone, wood, colored paper, papermachee.
By destroying the models after the photo has been taken, their only reason for existence becomes the final photo image.

Vocal Motifs

Alia Ali —
Vocal Motifs

Solo show:
25 November
Extended  > 23 January

NRC in Beeld – 20 nov 2021
Elle Italy – 24 nov 2021  (Eng version upon request)
NRC Reportage – 27 nov 2021
Artsy Vanguard  – 1 dec 2021

In the three series, FLUX, MIGRATION and INDIGO, which are central to the exhibition ‘Vocal Motifs’, Ali harks back to personal experiences. Textile, the common thread in these, is a material with a lot of meaning for her.

As the daughter of a Yemeni father and Bosnian mother, Alia Ali (1985) grew up between different languages ​​and cultures, but without a permanent home. Even today, traveling and migrating are part of her existence. Being constantly on the road contributes to Ali’s choice to express herself through a universal visual language, namely her works of art.
Ali’s multimedia work, in which textiles have an important position, fits in with a number of important developments in art history that started in the last century. By bringing together materials, colours and patterns and by letting go of the two-dimensional, Ali expresses her view on themes such as language, culture and religion in her photographs in her own unique way. In this way, Ali takes her own innovative position within the existing traditions.

Opacities can coexist and converge, weaving fabrics. To understand these truly one must focus on the texture of the weave and not on the nature of its components. For the time being, perhaps, give up this old obsession with discovering what lies at the bottom of natures. […] This—here is the weave, and it weaves no boundaries.


—Édouard Glissant



Migration is an appeal to all travellers not to let their future be determined by the rigid, one-dimensional rules that prevail at their destination.

The series shines a spotlight on the ability to rethink and reshape your idea of ​​the future with all the multidimensional knowledge you carry, rather than settling for the present as your final destination.

the potential of the unintentional

Rubén Dario Kleimeer

The potential of the unintentional

In addition to Rotterdam, Ruben Dario Kleimeer now also abstracts the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels in the series Imaginary Perspectives. From his imagination  he photographs cities in Europe.
Through the cut-out and choice of images, the love for architecture and skateboarding come together. Ruben approaches his work with an almost dogmatic slant. Balanced, tight and abstracted from the environment. In an intriguing way, he focuses on special forms in the periphery of the city.







Art Rotterdam – Marie Pop / The Lost Wonders of the Future Paradise

The Lost

Wonders of the

Future Paradise








Show on view in the Gallery:  10 th July  – 3rd September

Opening: 30th of June in the New Art Section

at Art Rotterdam






In search of the future paradise

Marie Pop is not an amalgamation of two individuals, but arises during a process of action and reaction.



Contour Gallery will present ‘The Lost Wonders of the Future Paradise’ by the mixed-media phenomenon Marie Pop. In this new series, deep-seated social issues within human nature and culture are explored, where curiosity and an unconventional perspective result in a stimulating story.
Marie Pop can be a painter, photographer and sculptor, minimalist and expressionist, woman, man and everything in between.

The Alchemist