The shadowed people – Saïdou Dicko

Saïdou Dicko
From 18.03- 30.4.2023

Being a reflection of his years of work, “The Shadowed People” aims to anonimise the subjects and subsequently break down the concept of the individual, democratizing his characters by removing key societal indicators.

ACR-XL 2023

Join us on 17, 18, and 19 March for the third edition of Art Central Rotterdam XL

Gongshi and the White Cloud

Petra Laaper & Le Nghi Teng
11 feb – 11 maart 2023

The very concept of Gongshi translates into Petra’s sculptural works. Along the same lines, the space and floating quality in Le Nghi’s photographic creation is reminiscent of a white cloud.

The Mythical Landscape

Lars van den Brink
From 11.12.22 – 29.01.23

The Mythical Landscape is a further discovery of the series Behind the Day (2020), in which Lars van den Brink first piercingly shared his image of the majestic Alps