W R A P P I N G   N O T H I N G


By Elsemarijn Bruys

– opens September 4th







— 04.09.2022 – 16.10-2022

in presence of the artist: Elsemarijn Bruys
Together with  Art Central Rotterdam.

from 14.00 -18.00

Photo Basel – Basel

Contour Gallery is excited to announce its first time participation to PHOTO Basel, at the Volkshaus this year from June 14 – 18.

We will be presenting the works of art by Dutch artists: Lars van den Brink and Margriet Smulders. The Dutch Mondriaan Fonds granted us their support to make this possible. Photo Basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photography based art.

Within the last decade, photography has established itself within museums and on the art market. During Art Basel week, we want to enhance and nourish the creative trade of all the major art players within and around photography.

On the Land an oak will grow

Henry Woide
Vanessa Fairfax – Woods

On the land an oak will grow
a solo show

Show opens 01.04.2022 at 17.00
and runs till 29.04.2022


There is room for fluid worlds, free of time, and linear narrative. Woide and Fairfax-Woods give viewers the opportunity to reflect on the modern age in which we live.

The works of Woide and Fairfax-Woods seduce, oppress, and enchant. The imaginary worlds beg to be discovered by the beholder.

Inspired by old English folklore, the artists create their own modern myths and legends. They make visual stories, approached from a sense of humor, darkness, and ethereal beauty. 

Gods, effigies, and creatures that live in the forests. They are all part of the mysterious dualistic worlds created in:  On The Land An Oak Will Grow.

Henry Woide and Vanessa Fairfax-Woods are a photographic duo who met whilst studying at Falmouth University for their Masters in Photography.

Coming from different artistic backgrounds (Henry in landscape and architectural photography and Vanessa in conceptual and performative work) they find an unusual balance of ethereal beauty and absurdity. They create surreal worlds and characters that have a familiarity we can’t quite put our finger on. This sense of uncanny draws the viewer into their imagery.


Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam


Open : Thu / Fri / Sat  12.00 – 17.00
Wednesday & Sunday by appointment only

Vocal Motifs

Alia Ali —
Vocal Motifs

Solo show:
25 November
Extended  > 23 January

NRC in Beeld – 20 nov 2021
Elle Italy – 24 nov 2021  (Eng version upon request)
NRC Reportage – 27 nov 2021
Artsy Vanguard  – 1 dec 2021

In the three series, FLUX, MIGRATION and INDIGO, which are central to the exhibition ‘Vocal Motifs’, Ali harks back to personal experiences. Textile, the common thread in these, is a material with a lot of meaning for her.

As the daughter of a Yemeni father and Bosnian mother, Alia Ali (1985) grew up between different languages ​​and cultures, but without a permanent home. Even today, traveling and migrating are part of her existence. Being constantly on the road contributes to Ali’s choice to express herself through a universal visual language, namely her works of art.
Ali’s multimedia work, in which textiles have an important position, fits in with a number of important developments in art history that started in the last century. By bringing together materials, colours and patterns and by letting go of the two-dimensional, Ali expresses her view on themes such as language, culture and religion in her photographs in her own unique way. In this way, Ali takes her own innovative position within the existing traditions.

Opacities can coexist and converge, weaving fabrics. To understand these truly one must focus on the texture of the weave and not on the nature of its components. For the time being, perhaps, give up this old obsession with discovering what lies at the bottom of natures. […] This—here is the weave, and it weaves no boundaries.


—Édouard Glissant



Migration is an appeal to all travellers not to let their future be determined by the rigid, one-dimensional rules that prevail at their destination.

The series shines a spotlight on the ability to rethink and reshape your idea of ​​the future with all the multidimensional knowledge you carry, rather than settling for the present as your final destination.

the potential of the unintentional

Rubén Dario Kleimeer

The potential of the unintentional

In addition to Rotterdam, Ruben Dario Kleimeer now also abstracts the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels in the series Imaginary Perspectives. From his imagination  he photographs cities in Europe.
Through the cut-out and choice of images, the love for architecture and skateboarding come together. Ruben approaches his work with an almost dogmatic slant. Balanced, tight and abstracted from the environment. In an intriguing way, he focuses on special forms in the periphery of the city.







Hier leeft de Dag

Hier leeft de Dag

— Hier leeft de Dag
Een solo show van Lars van den Brink

Opening: 25 juni 16.00 – 21.00
Expositie: 25 juni – 28 augustus 2021
Vrijdag / Zaterdag 12.00-18.00 uur
en op afspraak
Atelier K84
Keizersgracht 84h
1015 CT Amsterdam

Contour Gallery is verheugd om haar eerste tentoonstelling in Amsterdam met fotowerken van Lars van den Brink aan te kondigen. De opening van de show: ‘Hier leeft de dag’ zal in het nieuwe Atelier K84 in het hart van Amsterdam zijn. Waarmee Contour Gallery Rotterdamse bravoure naar de hoofdstad brengt.

Er is een geweldige locatie aan de Keizersgracht gevonden bij Atelier K84. Het atelier zal in de toekomst een mix van afwisselende kunstexposities en activiteiten organiseren. Contour Gallery heeft de première tentoonstelling in deze ruimte met krachtige fotowerken van de Nederlandse fotograaf Lars van den Brink.

Te zien zijn de gewaardeerde fotowerken uit de serie: Behind the Day van 2020 en een selectie van de alom geliefde serie: Frozen Time, met de nadruk op de kunstwerken gemaakt in Amsterdam.

Een tweede première voor dit moment en deze gelegenheid. We zullen het meest recente kunstwerk van Lars van den Brink hier voor het eerst laten zien. Een klassiek met ’ twist ‘- oud Hollands winterlandschap in de kenmerkende stijl als de serie Frozen Time. Een speciale uitgave, in een gelimiteerde en gesigneerde oplage van 30.

Behind the Day is het vervolg op zijn serie Frozen Time waarin Lars voor het eerst een techniek gebruikte die zowel dag als nacht in één beeld brengt. In deze nieuwe serie heeft hij manieren onderzocht om te ‘schilderen’ met fotografisch materiaal, om de kijker te verbazen en hem uit de realiteit te tillen. Door de eenheid van tijd los te laten en verschillende shots te combineren, neemt hij afstand van het analytische karakter van fotografie en is hij in staat beelden te creëren die verder gaan dan alleen registratie.




Life Framer


Show opens 28.11.2020
and runs till 19.12.2020


— 28/29.11.2020
from 13.00 -18.00

— Winner
Evan Hancock


This travelling exhibition, visiting Rotterdam, Paris and Milan, marks the culmination of the sixth edition of the Life Framer Photography Prize.

The exhibitions showcase stunning contemporary photography from 24 photographers, each chosen across twelve months of diverse themes by globally acclaimed judges including photographers

Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Philip -Lorca diCorcia and Alex Prager, and curators and editors from Tate Modern, MoMA and The New York Times.

Each theme – from Street Life to Colors to Civilization – is designed to encourage creativity, and the resulting selection of varied and challenging photography is a testament to that.

Join us to experience exciting documentary, conceptual, portrait, street and travel photography from image-makers spanning Austria to Australia, via India, Russia, the United States and more.

— Runner up
Samuel Messer
— Winner
Kristof Vadino
— Runner up
Kris Vervaeke

About Life Framer

Life Framer has become a world-renowned platform for discovering and celebrating contemporary photography from amateur, emerging and professional artists around the globe. It hosts an independent award, supported by a growing community of photographers, designed to champion creative culture on and offline.

— Runner up
Rosa Mariniello
— Winner
Mary Gelman
— Winner
Sergey Shatokhin
— Runner up
Ioanna Natsikou
— Winner
Christopher Pugmire
— Runner up
Nicolas Digard
— Winner
Seunggu Kim
— Runner up
Bart Heynen
— Winner
Francesca Moore
— Runner up
Alessio Pellicoro
— Runner up
Christopher Jones
— Winner
Jeremy Perez-Cruz
On display now in the gallery, see you there!

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We allow a maximum of 4 people at the same time in the gallery.

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Behind the Day

Behind the Day
— Lars van den Brink


Exhibition until the 21st of November

For the standard opening hours, there is a max of 4 persons allowed in the gallery.

Location + Parking info

Covid-19 + visiting the gallery

Due to the current situation with covid-19, we will make sure to provide a safe environment for you.  If you want to visit during our regular opening days don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment, but feel free to come by as well.

Behind the day is set in the Alps and depicts the present time, a period in which fixed values ​​end up on quicksand and start to shift.

It shows how our view of themes such as the environment, democracy and fellow human beings has changed at a rapid pace over the last decade.

Lars van den Brink uses man as a symbol for willpower, hope and inspiration.

For this series, Lars travelled for over two years through the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. He slept in mountain huts or in a tent and often photographed from the exact same location for about fourteen hours.

During those sessions, he saw the moon and stars give way to the sun, and the change in colour of the light and the landscape. With his camera, he captured people and events in order to later build up his story and create Behind the Day.

The end result is a filtering and compression of compounded time; images that refer to classical romantic painting, but also to the contemporary landscapes used in games.

The series of works depict an in-between land in which man must find his way, with an ode to nature in the background that compels us to modesty.


Marie Pop


the Lost

Opening: 11 – 12 juli

Expositie loopt van
11 juli t/m 6 september

Met haar eerste officiële expositie na de lockdown heeft Contour Gallery de primeur van het verrassende en tot de verbeelding sprekende nieuwe werk van Marie Pop.

In het weekend van 11 – 12 juli opent de tentoonstelling
The Opulent Temple of the Lost Paradise.

Marie Pop is het pseudoniem voor de samenwerking tussen Anique Weve en Inge Aanstoot, wiens werk een combinatie vormt van fotografie en schilderkunst.

In deze expositie reflecteren en reageren zij in beeld en performance op de lockdown periode: Hoe gaan mensen nu om met gangbare rituelen en sociale samenkomsten, zoals begroeten, afscheid nemen en feest vieren?

Ook onderzoek naar, en documentatie van hoe een arsenaal aan coronamaatregelen tot stand konden komen, zullen een wezenlijk onderdeel van de expositie zijn.


— Sat. 11 & Sun. 12 juli

We welcome you from
14.00 – 18.00


Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam

Opening Hours

Thu & Fri   11.00 – 17.00
Sat              13.00 – 17.00
Wed & Sun by appointment only