Maxime Ansiau

Maxime Ansiau
From 30.05 – 27.06.2020

Maxime work consists in collecting and gathering bits and pieces and putting these loose parts back together again. Creating a window to the world.

Paradise Found

Lisa Carletta
From 07.03 – 11.04.2020

Lisa uses photography and video to convert her stories into images. With the use of colour, light, characters and symbols, she creates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems. Recurring themes are taken from her personal life, in which good and bad memories from her own life take a central role.

Museum nacht

Museumnacht 010 Rotterdam
7 maart  2020

Contour Gallery will show work by artist:  Lisa Carletta

Museumnacht010 is a collaboration of the art and cultural institutions of Rotterdam. The institutions curate their own program during the night and seek collaborations to show what Rotterdam has to offer in the field of art and culture.

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Alone Together

Aristotle Roufanis
From 12.01 – 23.02.2020

The complexity of modern life and the silence that you can find in chaos form the basis of Roufani’s work. Your personal space, which can sometimes be unavoidably and painfully public, is where you can relax and reflect on your position in the world.


Bas Losekoot
From 15.09 – 27.10.2019

Bas Losekoot photographed people in public spaces in nine cities around the world. He intimately exposes the contrasting loneliness of the full life. Cities no longer seem to be developed for social people, but for the working, economic beings.


Erik Hijweege
From 23.03 – 11.05.2019

Enamoured by nature and its irrepressible character. Erik explores the power of water and the mythical status it has in different cultures. The images are named after the Oriental legend of ryumon-no-take, the ‘dragon gate waterfall’.


Sebastiaan Straatsma
From 12.01– 03.03.2019

Having developed a technique with epoxy resin with which Sebastiaan builds objects and classic vase shapes with great precision and patience. With both awe and levity he calls them ‘Dust Collector’