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Contour Gallery is very excited to present the first artfair presentation in a solo booth with sculptures by the talented Dutch artist Elsemarijn Bruys (’89)

Elsemarijn work is on the boundary of art, design and perhaps even fashion. With these spatial works, she plays with reflection, perception and esthetics.  They invite to discover, that is what art for me is all about

Vocal Motifs

Alia Ali —
Vocal Motifs

Solo show:
25 November
Extended  > 23 January

NRC in Beeld – 20 nov 2021
Elle Italy – 24 nov 2021  (Eng version upon request)
NRC Reportage – 27 nov 2021
Artsy Vanguard  – 1 dec 2021

In the three series, FLUX, MIGRATION and INDIGO, which are central to the exhibition ‘Vocal Motifs’, Ali harks back to personal experiences. Textile, the common thread in these, is a material with a lot of meaning for her.

As the daughter of a Yemeni father and Bosnian mother, Alia Ali (1985) grew up between different languages ​​and cultures, but without a permanent home. Even today, traveling and migrating are part of her existence. Being constantly on the road contributes to Ali’s choice to express herself through a universal visual language, namely her works of art.
Ali’s multimedia work, in which textiles have an important position, fits in with a number of important developments in art history that started in the last century. By bringing together materials, colours and patterns and by letting go of the two-dimensional, Ali expresses her view on themes such as language, culture and religion in her photographs in her own unique way. In this way, Ali takes her own innovative position within the existing traditions.

Opacities can coexist and converge, weaving fabrics. To understand these truly one must focus on the texture of the weave and not on the nature of its components. For the time being, perhaps, give up this old obsession with discovering what lies at the bottom of natures. […] This—here is the weave, and it weaves no boundaries.


—Édouard Glissant



Migration is an appeal to all travellers not to let their future be determined by the rigid, one-dimensional rules that prevail at their destination.

The series shines a spotlight on the ability to rethink and reshape your idea of ​​the future with all the multidimensional knowledge you carry, rather than settling for the present as your final destination.

the potential of the unintentional

Rubén Dario Kleimeer

The potential of the unintentional

In addition to Rotterdam, Ruben Dario Kleimeer now also abstracts the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels in the series Imaginary Perspectives. From his imagination  he photographs cities in Europe.
Through the cut-out and choice of images, the love for architecture and skateboarding come together. Ruben approaches his work with an almost dogmatic slant. Balanced, tight and abstracted from the environment. In an intriguing way, he focuses on special forms in the periphery of the city.







Marie Pop


the Lost

Opening: 11 – 12 juli

Expositie loopt van
11 juli t/m 6 september

Met haar eerste officiële expositie na de lockdown heeft Contour Gallery de primeur van het verrassende en tot de verbeelding sprekende nieuwe werk van Marie Pop.

In het weekend van 11 – 12 juli opent de tentoonstelling
The Opulent Temple of the Lost Paradise.

Marie Pop is het pseudoniem voor de samenwerking tussen Anique Weve en Inge Aanstoot, wiens werk een combinatie vormt van fotografie en schilderkunst.

In deze expositie reflecteren en reageren zij in beeld en performance op de lockdown periode: Hoe gaan mensen nu om met gangbare rituelen en sociale samenkomsten, zoals begroeten, afscheid nemen en feest vieren?

Ook onderzoek naar, en documentatie van hoe een arsenaal aan coronamaatregelen tot stand konden komen, zullen een wezenlijk onderdeel van de expositie zijn.


— Sat. 11 & Sun. 12 juli

We welcome you from
14.00 – 18.00


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OBJECT Rotterdam
7  tm 9  februari 2020

Contour Gallery will be attending with artists:  Dan Lam en Sebastiaan Straatsma

OBJECT is the fair for contemporary design and is held February 7-9, 2020 in the characteristic HAKA building, a monument for modernity.

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Golden Light Green



Golden Light Green
a solo show

Show opens 09.11.2019
and runs till 28.12.2019



in presence of the artist: Petra Laaper
and spoken word from: Chantal van Heeswijk
from 15.00 -17.00



Golden – Light – Green
shows us a parallel and sensual world.

A world that will open and connect with the viewer and that shines a light on the sensory perception of the viewer.


Saturday 9th november

We welcome you from
15.00 – 17.00


Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam


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