Le Studio Perdu

Marie Pop


In her latest series, Le Studio Perdu, Marie Pop delves into the hidden Parisian studios of the early 20th century, the era when photography was staged and a time when female artists were reclaiming their voices and gaining recognition. Yet, it prompts you with questions: Does the work take place at a different time, in a different place? Is who we see a model or a muse? A creator or a patron? A man or a woman, or someone existing in between? Marie Pop explores the duplicity of meanings. Le Studio Perdu masterfully deceives the audience, challenging what may appear obvious: the era depicted in the artwork, the artist’s identity, or even the role of the viewer. Simultaneously paying homage to the art produced by historical female figures, Marie Pop’s artworks stand as autonomous creations while also referencing the lost female talent in art history.


In her debut exhibition, The Opulent Temple of the Lost Paradise (2020), which explored the loss of lives against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, Marie Pop embarked on a long artistic journey exploring the depth of emotions. In the following year, The Lost Wonders of the Future Paradise illuminated the prospects of hope and a new beginning, ultimately garnering tremendous success at Art Rotterdam 2021 with all the artworks nearly selling out. Now, Le Studio Perdu unveils Marie Pop’s new chapter, delving into pressing matters within the art world while retaining the pure joy of aesthetics and provoking thought in viewers.


Marie Pop defies categorisation, moving between the realms of minimalism and expressionism while embodying a fluid identity of a woman, a man, and everything in between. As an artist, her versatility knows no bounds, extending to the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and even performative art. As she guides you behind the scenes, immersing you in her creative process, paradoxically, you find yourself standing on the stage.

Marie Pop_Lost Stories Found in the Lost Studio

– by Pieng-Or Patcharasoravut


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