O, Collecting Eggs Despite the Times – Pim Zwier


Contour Gallery is delighted to be welcoming you to our new show full of eggs and birds: O, Collecting Eggs Despite the Times (2021), a series of photographs and a documentary film based on Schönwetter’s egg collection by Pim Zwier, opening on 13th May.


May is the month in which we commemorate the victims of war and celebrates freedom. Eggs and war, a greater contrast hardly seems possible, yet they are bound together in O, Collecting Eggs Despite the Times. Through the correspondence on Max Schönwetter’s untimely embarkment on oology, or the study of birds’ eggs, and Zwier’s close-up photography of the eggs together with peculiar cinematic juxtaposition of human and fowl, a new light is shed on the formerly-unknown slice of history.