Henry Woide
Vanessa Fairfax – Woods

On the land an oak will grow
a solo show

Show opens 01.04.2022 at 17.00
and runs till 29.04.2022


There is room for fluid worlds, free of time, and linear narrative. Woide and Fairfax-Woods give viewers the opportunity to reflect on the modern age in which we live.

The works of Woide and Fairfax-Woods seduce, oppress, and enchant. The imaginary worlds beg to be discovered by the beholder.

Inspired by old English folklore, the artists create their own modern myths and legends. They make visual stories, approached from a sense of humor, darkness, and ethereal beauty. 

Gods, effigies, and creatures that live in the forests. They are all part of the mysterious dualistic worlds created in:  On The Land An Oak Will Grow.

Henry Woide and Vanessa Fairfax-Woods are a photographic duo who met whilst studying at Falmouth University for their Masters in Photography.

Coming from different artistic backgrounds (Henry in landscape and architectural photography and Vanessa in conceptual and performative work) they find an unusual balance of ethereal beauty and absurdity. They create surreal worlds and characters that have a familiarity we can’t quite put our finger on. This sense of uncanny draws the viewer into their imagery.


Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam


Open : Thu / Fri / Sat  12.00 – 17.00
Wednesday & Sunday by appointment only